Latin Guitar Collection

2551 Latin Instrument Loops

Product Details/Specs:

• 2551 Latin Instrument Loops • 5,7 GB
• 24 Bit /44.1 Khz • 100% Royalty Free
• Tempo-synced & root key labeled • Format: Wav




Latin Collection

a collection of premium quality instrument loops by Image Sounds!


Product Overview:

  • Total Loops: 2551
  • Total Size: 5,7 GB
  • Format: WAV
  • Bit Depth/Rate: 24-bit / 44.1 kHz
  • Licensing: 100% Royalty Free
  • Flexibility: Tempo-Synced & Root Key Labeled


Product Name Number Of Loops in total Size In GB
Cavaquinho – South American Ukulele 497 1,23
Mandolin Latin American Styles 498 1,27
Nylon Guitar – Latin Music 500 1,24
Trumpet Latin Reggaeton 528 0,64
Accordion – Latin Styles 528 1,34


Introducing the Latin Collection: Explore the Vibrant Rhythms and Melodies of Latin Music

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Latin music with the Latin Collection by Image Sounds. Featuring a diverse array of premium instrument loops, this collection offers everything you need to infuse your compositions with the infectious rhythms and captivating melodies of Latin music styles.


Library Breakdown:

  1. Cavaquinho – South American Ukulele: Dive into 497 loops spanning 1.23 GB of content, featuring the distinctive sound of the cavaquinho, a South American ukulele perfect for adding authenticity and flair to your Latin compositions.


  1. Mandolin Latin American Styles: With 498 loops totaling 1.27 GB, this collection offers the lively and expressive sound of the mandolin, ideal for capturing the vibrant spirit of Latin American music.


  1. Nylon Guitar – Latin Music: Explore 500 loops across 1.24 GB of content, featuring the warm and melodic tones of the nylon guitar, perfect for adding depth and emotion to your Latin music productions.


  1. Trumpet Latin Reggaeton: Featuring 528 loops packed into 0.64 GB, this collection delivers the bold and brassy sound of the trumpet, infused with the infectious rhythms of Latin reggaeton music.


  1. Accordion – Latin Styles: With 528 loops totaling 1.34 GB, this collection offers the nostalgic and evocative sound of the accordion, perfect for adding a touch of old-world charm to your Latin music compositions.


Crafted for Excellence:

Each loop in the Latin Collection is meticulously crafted and meticulously tempo-synced and labeled with its root key, ensuring seamless integration into your projects. Whether you’re composing salsa, samba, reggaeton, or bossa nova, these loops provide the perfect foundation for creating authentic and dynamic Latin music.

Endless Creative Possibilities:

From fiery dance rhythms to soulful ballads, the Latin Collection offers endless creative possibilities across a wide range of Latin music styles and genres. Whether you’re composing for dance clubs, film soundtracks, or live performances, these loops are sure to inspire and captivate listeners with their energy and passion.

Royalty-Free Freedom:

As with all Image Sounds products, the Latin Collection is 100% royalty-free, giving you the freedom to use these loops in your music productions without any restrictions or limitations. Whether you’re creating music for personal projects or commercial releases, you can do so with confidence, knowing that your creativity is fully supported.

In summary, the Latin Collection is a must-have addition to the toolkit of any musician, producer, or composer looking to explore the vibrant world of Latin music. With its extensive collection of premium instrument loops, diverse range of styles, and unwavering commitment to quality, this collection is sure to elevate your compositions to new heights of rhythm and melody.