About us

Welcome to Image Sounds, where music transcends borders and creativity knows no boundaries. Established in 2009, we have become synonymous with excellence, innovation and efficiency in music production, fostering lasting relationships with our valued clients.

At Image Sounds, we live by our commitment to deliver the highest quality in everything we do. Recognised and partnered with industry giants such as Steinberg, Presonus, Heaviocity, Softtube and Ableton, our reputation is built on 100% original recordings and a wealth of professional production knowledge. Our name is not just a brand, but a mark of trust, even with the biggest names in the industry.

Based in the heart of the legendary “Time Tools” studio complex in Hanover, Germany, we draw inspiration from the vibrant atmosphere that surrounds us. This complex isn’t just a location; it’s a convergence point for producers and music software developers – a creative hub where energy and knowledge flow seamlessly. It’s this dynamic environment that fuels our passion, and we channel that spirit into every product that bears the Image Sounds name.

Across borders and oceans, Image Sounds supports customers on both a national and international level. Our expertise knows no boundaries as we bring diverse musical concepts to life, ensuring that every project, large or small, is a testament to our commitment to musical excellence.

Join us on a musical trip where innovation meets tradition and creativity knows no bounds.