Rock Guitar Collection

3385 Rock Guitar Loops

Product Details/Specs:

• 3385 Rock Guitar Loops • 6,7 GB
• 24 Bit /44.1 Khz • 100% Royalty Free
• Tempo-synced & root key labeled • Format: Wav




Rock Guitar Collection

a collection of premium quality instrument loops by Image Sounds!


Product Overview:

  • Total Loops: 3385
  • Total Size: 6,7 GB
  • Format: WAV
  • Bit Depth/Rate: 24-bit / 44.1 kHz
  • Licensing: 100% Royalty Free
  • Flexibility: Tempo-Synced & Root Key Labeled


Product Name Number Of Loops in total Size In GB
50s Guitar 1187 1,52
60s Guitar 351 1,59
70s Guitar – Rock & Pop Vol.1 616 1,36
70s Guitar – Rock & Pop Vol.2 553 1
Rock Guitar 1 678 1,2


Introducing the Rock Guitar Collection: Unleash the Power of Premium Instrument Loops

Fuel your rock compositions with the raw energy and electrifying sound of guitars from across the decades with the Rock Guitar Collection by Image Sounds. Whether you’re crafting classic rock anthems, gritty blues riffs, or modern alternative tracks, this collection provides the essential guitar loops to take your music to the next level.


Library Breakdown:

  1. 50s Guitar: Dive into 1187 loops spanning 1.52 GB of content, featuring the iconic sound of 1950s guitars, perfect for capturing the essence of rock ‘n’ roll’s golden era.


  1. 60s Guitar: With 351 loops totaling 1.59 GB, this collection offers a nostalgic journey through the sounds of the 1960s, from jangly surf rock to psychedelic explorations.


  1. 70s Guitar – Rock & Pop Vol.1: Explore 616 loops across 1.36 GB of content, featuring the dynamic guitar stylings that defined the rock and pop music of the 1970s.


  1. 70s Guitar – Rock & Pop Vol.2: Featuring 553 loops packed into 1 GB, this collection delivers a diverse array of guitar loops inspired by the rock and pop sounds of the 1970s, from gritty riffs to melodic solos.


  1. Rock Guitar 1: With 678 loops totaling 1.2 GB, this collection offers a versatile selection of rock guitar loops, ranging from aggressive power chords to soaring leads, perfect for adding intensity and excitement to your compositions.



Crafted for Excellence:

Each loop in the Rock Guitar Collection is meticulously crafted and meticulously tempo-synced and labeled with its root key, ensuring seamless integration into your projects. Whether you’re recording live instruments or programming MIDI tracks, these loops provide the perfect foundation for creating authentic and expressive guitar parts.

Endless Creative Possibilities:

From classic rock and blues to alternative and indie, the Rock Guitar Collection offers endless creative possibilities across a wide range of musical genres and styles. Whether you’re composing for film, television, or live performance, these loops are sure to inspire and captivate listeners with their raw energy and infectious grooves.

Royalty-Free Freedom:

As with all Image Sounds products, the Rock Guitar Collection is 100% royalty-free, giving you the freedom to use these loops in your music productions without any restrictions or limitations. Whether you’re creating music for personal projects or commercial releases, you can do so with confidence, knowing that your creativity is fully supported.


In summary, the Rock Guitar Collection is a must-have addition to the toolkit of any musician, producer, or composer looking to infuse their music with the electrifying sound of guitars. With its extensive collection of premium instrument loops, diverse range of styles, and unwavering commitment to quality, this collection is sure to elevate your compositions to new heights of power and passion.