Hard Techno Millennium Era

653 Loops & 240 Single Drums!

Product Details/Specs:

• 653 Loops • 1,1 GB
• 24 Bit /44.1 Khz • 40 Construction Kits
• 130 BPM – 150 BPM • 100% Royalty Free



Hard Techno Millennium Era

Product Details/Specs:
1,13 GB
653 Loops Tempo & Key Labelled
240 Single Drum Shots
40 Construction Kits
130 BPM – 150 BPM
100% Royalty Free
Format: WAV
24 Bit & 44.1 Khz


Experience the ultimate toolkit for Hard Techno enthusiasts with our “Hard Techno Millennium Era” Sample Loop Construction Kit. This comprehensive collection is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse and dynamic world of Hard Techno music. With a staggering 1.13 GB of sonic content, this kit is your passport to creating the most electrifying Hard Techno tracks across various styles. Dive into the dark and industrial realms or crank up the energy with high-tempo beats – the possibilities are limitless.


Structure and Content:
• Loops: Explore 893 expertly crafted loops, each precisely labeled with tempo and key information. These loops provide the essential foundations for constructing immersive and captivating Hard Techno compositions, whether you’re after gritty industrial tones or relentless high-energy rhythms.
• Single Drum Shots: Customize your beats with 240 meticulously selected single drum shots. From thunderous kicks to razor-sharp snares and hypnotic hi-hats, this arsenal empowers you to craft your signature Hard Techno sound.
• Construction Kits: Ignite your creative spark with 40 meticulously designed construction kits, spanning a wide range of tempos from 130 BPM to 150 BPM. These kits offer instant inspiration, helping you kickstart your music-making journey with ease.


Recording Specs:
• Audio Format: All content is provided in WAV format, ensuring the highest audio quality and compatibility with a wide range of music production software.
• Bit Depth & Sample Rate: The samples are delivered at 24-bit depth and a sample rate of 44.1 kHz, guaranteeing pristine audio quality for your productions.
• Royalty-Free: Enjoy the freedom to use these sounds without any restrictions. The “Hard Techno Millennium Era” Construction Kit is 100% Royalty-Free, allowing you to incorporate these elements into both personal projects and commercial releases without concern.

Unlock the potential of the “Hard Techno Millennium Era” Construction Kit and take your Hard Techno productions to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your musical journey, this kit provides the essential tools to craft Hard Techno tracks that will captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the genre. Embrace the energy, explore the possibilities, and embark on your Hard Techno adventure today!

All loops in this product are 100% royalty-free, which means that after purchase you can use these loops in your productions without paying any hidden costs.
All or some samples in this product have already been released in Ueberschall products.