Folk Harmonica

426 Harmonica Loops

Product Details/Specs:

• 426 Harmonica Loops • 506 MB
• 24 Bit /44.1 Khz • Royalty Free
• 70 BPM – 160 BPM



Folk Harmonica

Product Details/Specs:
• 506 MB
• 426 Harmonica Loops
• Live Performed & Played
• Tempo-Synced & Root Key Labeled
• 70 BPM – 160 BPM
• 100% Royalty Free


Introducing Folk Harmonica – a vibrant melodic journey!

A meticulously crafted sample library that captures the rustic charm and heartfelt melodies of traditional folk tunes, Folk Harmonica transports you to the soulful realm of folk music. With a generous 506 megabytes of content and 426 dynamic harmonica loops, this collection is your gateway to authentic folk sounds. Expertly played and ready to add warmth and character to your compositions.

Every loop in this collection was carefully recorded live, capturing the organic essence of real expression. From melancholy wails to spirited choruses, each note resonates with the passion and vitality of a live performance, adding a unique touch of authenticity to your music.

Each harmonica loop is tempo-synced and root-keyed for easy integration into your existing tracks and compositions. Whether you’re creating a contemplative ballad or an upbeat folk anthem, these loops will easily adapt to your musical vision.

With tempos ranging from a leisurely 70 bpm to a lively 160 bpm, you have the flexibility to explore a variety of moods and styles, from gentle introspection to lively foot-stomping rhythms. Experiment with tempos and arrangements, knowing that your compositions are 100% royalty-free.

Tap into the evocative power of the folk harmonica and add rich, expressive tones to your music for maximum impact. Whether you’re a seasoned composer or just beginning your musical journey, this versatile collection is sure to spark your creativity and bring your folk-inspired compositions to life.

Note: All instruments, except the Folk Harmonica, are for demonstration purposes only.