Cinematic Harp

249 Harp Loops – 793 MB

Product Details/Specs:

• 249 Loops 793 MB
• 24 Bit /44.1 Khz • 100% Royalty Free
• 72 BPM – 159 BPM • Format: Wav



Cinematic Harp


Product Details/Specs:

• 793 MB
• 249 Harp Loops
• Live Performed & Played By Professional Harpist
• Tempo & Key Labelled
• 72 BPM – 159 BPM
• 100% Royalty Free
• Format: WAV
• 24 Bit & 44.1 Khz



Product Description:

Introducing “Cinematic Harp,” an extraordinary sonic expedition in the realm of cinematic, score, and movie music. Brace yourself for an epic adventure as you dive into 793 MB of cutting-edge audio content. With a mesmerizing collection of 249 Harp 4 Bar Loops, each moment is brought to life by the skilled hands of a professional harpist, infusing your compositions with a youthful energy that will captivate audiences. Every strum, pluck, and resonance comes to life in breathtaking detail, transporting your listeners into a world of cinematic magic.
Prepare to unlock the secrets of seamless integration with the Cinematic Harp’s tempo and key labeling. Wave goodbye to the frustration of mismatched samples as the vibrant melodies effortlessly intertwine with your tracks. Embark on an exhilarating sonic journey, exploring a breathtaking range of tempos that span from the enchanting embrace of 72 BPM to the pulse-pounding intensity of 159 BPM, setting the stage for captivating and unforgettable moments.


Structure & Recording:

Creating awe-inspiring compositions has never been easier. The loops in each folder seamlessly harmonize, allowing you to effortlessly layer and combine them to weave a sonic tapestry that reflects your unique vision. Whether you’re crafting an entire score for a movie or adding a touch of cinematic charm to your music, the possibilities are boundless. The Harp sample library is provided in WAV format, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of digital audio workstations (DAWs) and music production software. The loops are recorded at a pristine 24-bit resolution with a 44.1 kHz sampling rate, ensuring exceptional audio fidelity and clarity in every detail. Our user-friendly loops allow you to compose easily and quickly, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow – an important aspect of modern music production. Within seconds, you can browse, listen to, and select the perfect harp loop for your project, letting your creativity run wild. This powerhouse collection delivers the goods in the universally supported WAV format. Unleash your creativity with audio files recorded at a pristine 24-bit resolution and a mind-blowing 44.1 kHz sample rate. Immerse yourself in a sonic wonderland where every strum, pluck, and resonance comes to life in breathtaking detail.

To top it all off, Harp comes with a 100% Royalty Free license, granting you the freedom to use these captivating harp loops in any commercial or personal project without any additional costs or legal restrictions.


Important: Please note that except the harp all instruments are for demonstration purposes only.